Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Philatelic exhibit of Alyssah Xeniah C. Alcala of the Philippines featuring the illustrious life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II


Gumaca Town Hall

Gumaca, Quezon, Philippines

February 17 - 18,  2005



Entry :  One-frame Her Majesty QUEEN ELIZABETH II


Number of exhibitors :  21    


Non-competitive entries :  2  frames


Competitive entries :  27  frames



Awards Received 



1st Best Exhibit Certificate

Quezon Philatelic Club 

2nd Best Exhibit 

P150.00 cash prize

cddstamps (Australia) 

Philatelic Merit Award Certificate

APO Philatelic Society

Special Prize (stamps)

Dionisio Taeza

Special Prize (stockbook and stamps)



St. Louis Bishop Church Compound

Lucban, Quezon, Philippines

May 13 - 16,  2005



Entry :  One-frame  Her Majesty QUEEN ELIZABETH II


Number of exhibitors :  27


Non-competitive entries :  4  frames


Competitive entries :  34  frames



Awards Received 


American Topical Association  

Youth Award Gold Medal

International Society of Worldwide Stamp Collectors

Youth Merit Award Certificate


Elizabethan II Study Group  

Free Membership 


1st Best Exhibit Certificate

Quezon Philatelic Club  

1st Best Exhibit 

P750.00 cash prize

Dionisio Taeza

Special Prize (stamps)



PhilPost Lobby

Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila, Philippines

November 21 - 25,  2005



Entry :  Two-frame Her Majesty QUEEN ELIZABETH II


Number of exhibitors :  28


Non-competitive entries :  40  frames


Award Received


Certificate of Appreciation



3rd San Pablo City Philatelic Exhibition

One Stop Shop & Processing Center

Capitol Compound, San Pablo City

Laguna,  Philippines

December  6 - 8,  2005




Entry :  Two-frame  Her Majesty QUEEN ELIZABETH II


Number of exhibitors :  24


Non-competitive entries :  3  frames


Competitive entries :  34  frames



Awards Received 



1st Best Exhibit

cddstamps (Australia)

Philatelic Merit Award Certificate

United Nations Postal Administration

Special Prize (packet of mint stamps)

New Zealand Philatelic Federation

Special Prize (set of stamps)



PhilPost Lobby

Liwasang Bonifacio, ManilaPhilippines

November 25-30, 2010




Exhibits for FILPEX 2010 were displayed a week earlier to celebrate the philatelic month.  It was initiated and organized by Filipinas Stamp Collectors’ Club under the leadership of Josie Cura and PhilPost.




QE II Frame No. 1




QE II Frame No. 2




QE II Frame No. 3




QE II Frame No. 4




QE II Frame No. 5



PhilPost Lobby

Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila, Philippines

December 1-17, 2010


FILPEX 2010 is a national stamp exhibit and competition organized by Filipinas Stamp Collectors’ Club under the auspices of Philippine Philatelic Federation and in cooperation with Philippine Postal Corporation and the City Government of Manila.   It featured 39 exhibits (80 frames) of diverse themes from philatelists of different stamp clubs.   This event also highlighted FSCC’s 15th year anniversary.   The theme for this anniversary was ”Appreciation and Enjoyment of Stamp Collecting.“


November 22, 2010

QE II exhibit was brought in St. Ferdinand Cathedral before posting it at 2GO Express Lucena branch.


November 23, 2010

QE II exhibit received by FILPEX 2010 organizer.


November 25, 2010

QE II exhibited at the lobby of PhilPost in Liwasang Bonifacio,  Manila,  Philippines.



November 29, 2010

Interview of Lawrence Chan @ PTV 4 The Morning Show


Tuesday,   November 30, 2010   8:03:03 PM

Gud pm!  Congratulations!  Alyssah won an award in FILPEX 2010.  Please come on December 2 for the awarding! 

Lawrence Chan

Filipinas Stamp Collectors’ Club


Tuesday,   November 30, 2010   10:17:29 PM

Congratulations !  Your exhibit has been awarded Vermeil !  Awarding December 2.  Hope you can come.

Josie Cura

Filipinas Stamp Collectors’ Club


Opening ceremony


Public viewing


Alyssah with her 5 frames QE II exhibit



An informal "in person" critique with Abet Alcala and Pio Rodriguez, chairman of the distinguish board of judges



Awarding ceremony



Alyssah Xeniah C. Alcala

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II



Collie Marie D. Marquez

Philatelic Forays Across the Curriculum

Silver Bronze


Jally D. Marquez

Transportations on Land, Sea, and Air

Silver Bronze


Friday,   December 3, 2010   9:30:19 AM

Well done Alyssah.

Linda Lee

Philatelic Association of NSW, Inc.



Friday,  December 03, 2010  11:01 AM


Kenneth Perry


Granada Hills, California, USA


Friday,  December 03, 2010  11:02 AM

Wonderful! This is perhaps the best on-line philatelic exhibit I have ever seen. Keep up the great work!

Steven Scheibner


Garden City, New York, USA


Friday,  December 03, 2010  11:17 AM

Very nice, congratulations.

What led you to start accumulating QE II material ?

I bet there is an interesting story to be told.

Charlie Jensen


Lecanto, Florida, USA


Friday, December 03, 2010  11:55 AM


Congratulations it is well deserved.

Alyn Lunt


Pickering, Ontario, Canada


Friday,   December 3, 2010   12:17:58 PM

wow congrats another collection added ...keep it up ;p.

Gemma Itliong

Quezon Philatelic Club

Pagbilao, Quezon, Philippines 


Friday,   December 3, 2010   12:23:47 PM

congratulations!!!  the best!!!   that's honors for the Quezonians too!! 

Eden Sepagan

Lucena City,  Philippines 


Friday,   December 3, 2010   12:38:08 PM

mam gud day po syang d ako nkasma...congrats po … sana manalo po ul8 ang mga collection … more power and god bless at congrats congrats and more.

Paul John Errol Catalla

Quezon Philatelic Club

Pagbilao, Quezon, Philippines 


Friday,   December 3, 2010   5:41:35 PM

Congratulations from the snowy Slovenia in the heart of the Europe!

Igor Pirc



Friday,   December 3, 2010   7:00:00 PM

CONGRATULATIONS to my Inaanak ALYSSAH XENIAH C. ALCALA for bringing home another award... She just received another award yesterday... talaga namang award winning ang kanyang stamp collections.....

Nancy Lagarde-Mascariña

Lucena City,  Philippines


Friday,   December 3, 2010   8:43:54 PM

Dear Alyssah –

Congratulations for winning ... Vermeil Award in the youth category at FILPEX 2010.   It is an accomplishment you should be very proud of.  IPPS will be including a notice of your outstanding awards in the next Philippine Philatelic Journal (2nd Quarter 2011, since the 1st Quarter is already in the mail) and on the IPPS website.

Keep up the excellent work.

Best regards,

Don Peterson

IPPS Overseas Coordinator


Friday,   December 3, 2010   8:49:00 PM

Dear friend,

Congratulation,  unfortunately I have no possibility to visit exhibition.   Be glad to be there,  nowadays is here minus 10°C.   And snow is everywhere even on roads and tracks, have a nice day

Jiri Sedlak

Chairman of Society of Czech Collectors


Friday,   December 3, 2010   9:20:00 PM

Dear Alyssah,

Congratulations !!!  Well done and well deserved.   Hope the turn out at the exhibitions was successful.

Keep up the excellent work.

Kind regards,

Nigel Gooding

Surrey,  United Kingdom


Saturday,   December 4, 2010   2:25:00 AM

congratulations Ms. Alcala

Samson Aquino

Tuba City,  Arizona, USA


Saturday,   December 4, 2010   9:01:43 AM

Congratulations Alyssah on receiving this prestigious award.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

Paul McDonell

Exhibits Chair, ROYAL*2010*ROYALE



Saturday  December 4, 2010   11:24 AM

Congratulations again, Alyssah! You make your mama & papa proud of you. Keep it up.

Sony Maragay-Espigol

Manila,  Philippines


Saturday,   December 4, 2010   12:53:00 PM

ang galing ni bonengneng ! (ahmm, let me call her dat name muna ha, just 4 ds post lng) ... i’m really proud of her,,ntutuwa ako sa kanya kse ang dami n nyang achievements @ an early age!,,wow!,,,ur lucky tonnette & abet for having such a talented daughter like her,,CONGRATS ALYSSAH!..CONGRATS to THE PROUD PARENTS!..

Cleofe Enriquez - Dilag

Lucena City, Philippines


Saturday,   December 4, 2010   1:05:51 PM

Dear Alyssah

Congratulations on your award.

Kind regards

Nigel Chandler

British West Indies Study Circle


Saturday,   December 4, 2010   1:44:52 PM

Congratulations, Alyssah, for winning the ... Vermeil for the youth category of Filpex 2010.

This is another feather on your cap!

Paul De La Cruz

Quezon Philatelic Club

Al-Khobar,  Saudi Arabia


Saturday,   December 4, 2010   1:54:00 PM

Wow! Congrats to your daughter Alyssah and of course the Proud parents!!!

Fredizminda Reyes Ilagan



Saturday,   December 4, 2010   2:52:00 PM

ang galing talaga!!!!! congrats!!!!

Rowena De Romas-Rieza

Amsterdam, Netherland


Sunday,   December 5, 2010   3:04:57 AM

Congratulations  That is another great award


Hugh Delaney

Calgary Philatelic Society



Sunday,   December 5, 2010   6:42:00 AM

Hello Alyssah,

This award you received for your exhibit is great. My congratulations! It is an open door for exhibitions at higher levels.  About three weeks ago I sent you a cover containing a number of Elisabethan stamps, including the first set of Ghana (that was Goldcoast before). It is the complete first set overprinted for the new independent state …  Go on exhibiting.  I did this about 70 times.  I have a bookshelf overcrowded with medals.  They are all from Germany,  Ireland,  and Luxembourg (countries which may be strange to you).  At the moment I am struggling against snow - what must be very unknown to your south area you are living in.  Have a good time and a lot of success            

Otto Jung

Duren, Germany


Sunday,   December 5, 2010   8:19:57 AM

Congratulations, once again !

Carol Barr

American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors


Sunday,   December 5, 2010   8:23:00 AM

Well done, and congrats !  


Virtual Stamp Club


Sunday,   December 5, 2010   8:00:32 PM


Ed Jacinto

Quezon Philatelic Club

Cabanatuan City,  Philippines


Tuesday,   December 7, 2010   11:08:49 PM

Congratulations Alyssah,  I wish I could have been there too.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful win with me.

William "Bill" Sweeney


Wellford, South Carolina, USA


Wednesday,   December 8, 2010   10:52:01 AM

Hello Alyssah, 

Congratulations!  Very well done.  The best I have so far is Vermeil, keep up the exhibiting.

Bryan Dunne

ebay Users Stamp Club


Wednesday,   December 8, 2010   10:18:46 PM


Ray I. Coughlin


Thursday,   December 9, 2010   6:45:47 PM

Greetings from Brunei. 

May I congratulate on your winning!  Keep up the good work and enjoy collecting.


Hung Chi Ho

Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei District, Brunei


Thursday,   December 9, 2010   11:47:33 PM

I have seen your collection.  Hartiest congratulations for your V.

Dr. Satyendra Kumar Agrawal

Rainbow Stamp Club


Friday,   December 10, 2010   11:45:52 AM

Please visit our school website under "news" and you can see your link.  Thank you so much.  Keep up the good work.  GOD BLESS.

Matias R. Soriano

Sacred Heart College, Lucena City. Philippines


Saturday,   December 11, 2010   1:06:02 AM

Woe! Congrats:)

Gretheline Ramos-Bolandrina

Charmed Life


Tuesday,   December 14, 2010   7:28:23 PM


Keep up the good work, and hope you will achieve more and better in the future!


Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak

Cebu Stamp Club


Wednesday,   December 15, 2010   3:28:02 PM

Dear Alyssah,

I am happy to learn about winning a grand prize.  I wish that you continue to become a great philatelist world over. 

K. Veeraraghavan

Quezon Philatelic Club

Pattukkotai, South India, India


Sunday,   January 2, 2011   1:00:32 AM

Congratualtions,  and a Happy New Year if you celebrate it at this time.

Sharon Noble

Quezon Philatelic Club

Canora, Saskatchewan, Canada 


Other highlights and Palmares of FILPEX 2010 can be viewed at Queson Philatelic Club's website : http://www.freewebs.com/abetsky65/







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